Aerial photos of Rio 

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Photographer: Moann

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Eos (by Dennis Calvert)

Done in camera, not in Photoshop.

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Explosion of Warmth (by haddartist)

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Tarn Hows (by rosyrosie2009)

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+ Explored (by en-shahdi)

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Q’damm (by friedling.)

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Tinto ibaiaren meategia - Minas de Riotinto EXPLOREN (by B.Guillén (Shesheshet))

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ready for summertime? (by .•˙ TIM ˙•.)

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Colors festival - Lake Ontario - Toronto (by Nino H)

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a tutte le amiche… (by gianni .m. 1205)

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road trip during the summer :)

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by: Christopher Wilson

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My bike ride starts and ends at a cute little chapel. But the crosses on the road leading to it just creep me out. 

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Blue & Violet violation!! (by ni kon ninja)

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